The Research Panel Responds: What has your academic career been like?

Klara Arnberg, Ishtiaq Ahmed och Anja Hirdman är med i den sista forskarpanelen innan sommaren. Foto (fr v): Privat, Andreas Wiberg och SU.

RESEARCH PANEL The Research Panel Responds: What has your academic career been like?

Text: Miriam Bratt
Translation: Jeanette Norling 

Klara Arnberg. Foto: Privat

Klara Arnberg
Senior Lecturer of Economic History
”It all started when I was studying an evening course called ‘enus, makt och arbete, (Gender, Power and Work) in 2001. It opened my eyes for what I since then have devoted my career to: the Economic History of Sexuality. Initially I intended to study for a Master of Political Science, but instead I became Master, and subsequently Doctor, and Senior Lecturer of Economic History.”

“My dissertation treated the development of the porno magazine’s market – a subject considered daring by several people. However, despite the covert nature of the industry I found source material and eventually learned to cope with people who became unpleasantly excited by the subject. After my dissertation I received several research grants, which has allowed further historical studies of Commercialism, Gender, and Sexuality. I have also been co-author of the book ‘Könspolitiska nyckeltexter’ (Gender Policy Key Texts), which currently serve as course literature on several courses, amongst others the one that first caught my eye. Now I am the teacher.”

Ishtiaq Ahmed. Foto: Andreas Wiberg

Ishtiaq Ahmed
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
”My academic career has developed most satisfactorily indeed. I took early retirement as professor emeritus of political science from Stockholm University in 2010 after teaching for twenty years after defending my doctoral dissertation in the department in November 1985. I received the support needed to continue researching subjects and themes such as political Islam, ethnicity and nationalism, human rights and group rights and the 1947 partition of the Punjab in 1947. I spent three years at the Institute of South Asian Studies, Singapore as senior research professor. Since 2013 I have been going every winter to Pakistan for a semester at different universities as visiting professor. I managed to publish several books, one, ‘The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed’ (2012), winning several awards; and articles in peer-reviewed journals. I also write in the Pakistani media on current affairs.”

Anja Hirdman. Foto: SU

Anja Hirdman
Senior Lecturer of Journalism
“History of Ideas was my first subject at university. I wrote my Bachelor thesis on the perception of prostitution in governmental reports and took a liking to exploring, analysing, and the sense of understanding (which I still think is the best part of my profession). After having studied on the course Journalistik och samhälle (Journalism and Society), I decided on the study of media, where there is a broad interdisciplinarity.”

“When I started out as a postgraduate it wasn’t as regularised as it is now, you supported yourself, and the admission wasn’t as customised as it is today. For quite a while, I was working a lot with lectures and reports outside the academy, only to realise that you need a permanent appointment – and started to improve my qualifications. After my senior lectureship I spent a few years working more administratively as Director of Studies and Deputy Head of Department. Now I’m back as a researcher, which suits me.”

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