About Gaudeamus

Gaudeamus is for the students at Stockholm University. Our ambition is to provide a substantively broad journal with a continious student perspective.

In Gaudeamus you will find local student news, Student Union info, columns, Q&A with the Student Ombudsmen and more. We publish six issues every year, always with a specific section in English.

The editorial staff consists of two full-time employees. Students, and others, also contribute to the content of Gaudeamus.

Get in touch!
What do you want to read about? We want to know! We also need more contributions from international students (especially those with experience in journalism).


gaudeamus [at] sus.su.se
0046(0)8674 62 49

Universitetsvägen 2A
114 18 Stockholm
(Room: 119)

Issue dates

February 11
March 31
May 19
September 15
October 27
December 15

We need news tips about three weeks before issue date.